Flipped homes January 16, 2024

Should you buy a flipped home?

Buyer Beware!!  Television makes it look easy to flip a home.  This is not television, and many flippers buy a home that often needs more work than the average person can actually perform.

There are some very important questions you should ask yourself and your agent.

Who performed the work on the home?  A licensed contractor for all mechanical and construction items should have performed the work.  Ask for their names and contact info.

Were permits pulled for the work that was performed?  Check with your local municipality for permits and make sure that the final inspection was performed and signed off as completed.

Ask for a detailed list of all work that was performed on the home.

Get a thorough inspection of the home by a competent inspector.

Pay attention to the quality of workmanship and the details of the work performed.

If you decide that this is a home you would like to make an offer on, ask for the seller to pay for a home warranty.

Lastly, always hire a competent agent to assist you in the home buying process.